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I bought three of these little devices and installed them in my house the other day. An old laptop is the music server on which I keep about 4,000 songs, and from it I can send the music wirelessly to stereos in the kitchen, the living room, and upstairs. The kitchen stereo is a cheap Price Club item that cost me under a hundred bucks, to make sure that my mixes work on in-expensive stereos as well. A great mix is a good average that works on as many different sound systems as possible. I do not believe in mixing for a small Hi-Fi elite. In my living room I have the Gallo Reference Speakers and upstairs I listen to the cute red Blueroom speakers, named Red Buddha speakers by a friend. They used to be made by B&W, but now the technology has been licensed by a Danish company who is developing new speakers as well.

The little Airport Express can deliver audio to a stereo system in analog form via 2 RCA plugs, or in digital form, via a Toslink (aka lightpipe) cable. I am quite happy with the sound.

And, of course, when we tour, I can bring one of these along to hook up to a hotel’s ethernet connection in order to work wirelessly within a hotel room.

The Airport Express works with Windows and Macintosh computers.


  1. Carolynn

    Regarding the Airport Express and Prius posts —

    OL — how can you be such a geek??? : ) You don’t look like one. Do you wear plastic pocket protectors and glasses that are duct taped in the middle when you’re not on tour??? I just don’t get it!

    Seriously though, these are interesting bits of info. I’ve just got to tease because it seems so out of context sometimes to read posts like this from you!

  2. Ottmar

    But now I don’t have to burn a CD in my studio just to listen to a new mix on the different stereos in my house. I just put the files on my laptop and voila….

  3. Adam Solomon

    Hey, Carolynn, nothing wrong with good-looking geeks like me or Ottmar (Ottmar’s better looking and geekier…lol)! :D

  4. Carolynn

    : ) Good looking geeks… Yes, OK! Why not?!
    We are talking about OL and Adam, after all!
    And you’re right, OL. The benefits of geek-dom are numerous!! : ) LOLOLOL


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