NPR : How to Suggest a Story Idea

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Well, U could suggest a story about “La Semana”…


  1. Adam Solomon

    One word–yes please!!!!

    :)…Also, I’m new to Blogger, lol, how did you get the music + mood to appear?

  2. Anonymous

    Don’t say something like this! Or your fans will overflow you with stories inspired by your music… (personal remark: in whatever language!) I have yet a nice little story to tell combining a “Market Day” in a town at the trans-siberian railway (makes two OL ingredients) and a song by Adam’s beloved RHCP. Okay, I’ll do that in the forum one day! :) Couldn’t that be an idea… okay, forum, off I am…

    – Boris

  3. Adam Solomon

    What?? Did I hear something about an OL/RHCP mix??

    ~gets immediately VERY excited!~

    Wow, I’m salivating just THINKING of the thought of OL + Frusciante, the Chili’s guitarist, playing together…This man is releasing a set of six solo albums at a pace of one a month this year, starting in June (not even including the one he released in February…lol), he’s a lean, mean, music making machine! Just like OL, with 2 or 3 albums a year :D


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