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Our show at the Mountain Winery last night was a blast! The weather was great – last year it was very cold here, everyone played really well and the audience was very supportive. This new quartet plays more with our eyes closed than any band I have ever had.

Tonight we are playing in Sacramento, but first I have to give a TV personality a guitar lesson on-camera this afternoon. That should be interesting.


  1. Anonymous

    I never seen anybody make the faces like Robbie does when he’s in the groove. Watch out for that guy!

    Matt Callahan

  2. Carolynn

    “This new quartet plays more with our eyes closed than any band I have ever had.” –> As long as everybody ends up in the same happy place, that’s all that matters!

  3. Anonymous

    My husband and I attended the Sacramento concert on Wed. night, 6/23 and it was AWESOME! The quartet played together like they had been one for a long time. OL’s guitar playing was pure perfection. We were all head-bobbing, toe-tapping and smiling from the first note to the last.

    It was fun to watch OL when the drums were being played as there was a big grin of approval from him from time to time. Jon’s head went back and forth during the “dueling skins,” checking out each drummer with as much amazement as we also experienced.

    Don’t know where Robbie came from but he certainly is talented and held his own with “the big boys.” He played full force and probably could use a chiropractic adjustment after each concert.

    Dan is a genius and played a Tibetan or African string instrument wowed the crowd. His drum playing is like no other I have ever experienced. I could listen to him play for hours. (If I could make one suggestion…Dan should sit higher on the stage as he is hidden and his magical, flying hands are not viewed by most audience members.)

    Jon really knows how to make his guitar strings sing and it was wonderful to hear some of his original work. The audience really rewarded him with its loud, supporting applause. I’m definitely going to order his new CD.

    It was obvious from OL’s voice that he was ill with a cold. It definitely didn’t hurt or hinder his performance. (It was chilly out during the end of the concert. Maybe OL should have worn some socks. LOL)

    I’d rather attend an OL concert at an inside venue. Sacramento’s concert was outside and people were coming and going, drinks were being served and some rude folks talked thruout the entire concert. Why pay $100 to sit and talk and disturb others? That being said, I am proud to report that the “OL quartet” received two standing ovations and they definitely felt the love!!!

    The Sacramento OL performance was absolutely magical! I think the announcer who introduced OL said it best when he proclaimed OL to be “the world’s best flamenco guitar player.” AMEN

  4. Anonymous

    BL here.

    I also attended this show, and brought along my girlfriend, who had only heard a few clips from Innamorare and Nouveau Flamenco, and we were both amazed not only by OL, but by Dan and Robbie! Absolutely BRILLIANT! The Grove does make a wonderful concert venue, but if it were in another place, like Vegas, it would be perfect. The breeze that came in that night made it a bit chilly. some of the crowd were a bit rude as already mentioned, kids running around, and some of them crying.. It was rather hard to get into that relaxation stage where you’re swept away and lost in the music, but once we did, it was wonderful.

    Robbie and Dan definitely fed off of eachother, which I thought was really cool, OL nodding with approval, Jon loving every minute of it.. It was hard to see Dan back behind his instruments, but he was definitely HEARD, and the audience made sure he knew! :)

    Opening number was 2 Women Walking, or one of Jon’s from Transit (Pretty sure it was 2 Women Walking), ended the first set with the percussion duet, came back on with oen of the new releases from La Semana, ended that set with Barcelona Nights (I recognised it from the first note; it took the rest of the audience a while to catch on, as Jon played the opening melody on bass). Encore was Ballad 4 Santana.

    OL, what was the electric you played? It definitely looked like a goldenrod/black rosewood Strat. Had a Floyd Rose locking trem on it, but it was hard to tell!

    My GF absolutely LOVED the show. She now totally understands why I play with my eyes closed, where I got that from, and how she can relate to it as she is blind. She says thank you for the show, as she bought every CD, the autographed edition of La Semana, and every shirt (you had 2 left from the Santa Fe Sessions there; she bought the last one!).

    We can’t wait to see you again!

  5. Anonymous

    Dan? What happened to Ron Wagner? Is he ok?


  6. Ottmar

    It’s not a Floyd Rose whammy, but a copy from a German company named Kahler, I believe. I have had it since the 80’s. Neither Floyd-Rose nor Kahler make whammy’s anymore. Floyd-Rose sold out to Fender, I believe, and the new stuff isn’t the same, I hear. And yes, it is still Ron Wagner on percussion….maybe I didn’t speak clearly….

  7. Anonymous

    I think they meant Ron. It may have sounded like Dan over the microphone. We just call him “rapid fingers”. We joke that we believe Ron can break doors down with his fingers. *lol* Morse code in 4 languages, all at the same time. *lol* He’s tooo awesome!


    David J.

  8. Anonymous

    My apologies to Ron Wagner for erroneously calling him Dan in my earlier post. I should have known his name since I’ve seen him perform 3 different times. Guess his playing just blew my mind!! :-)

    I’m still glowing from the OL+LN concert on Wed. night. I called family and friends in Seattle (one a former flamenco dancer) to remind them to not miss OL+LN’s upcoming concert. Duh…like I needed to.

    BTW, if OL is reading this…your sound mix guy was really grooving to your music on Wed. night. Goes to show you that even continual play of your music doesn’t get tiresome for your crew.

    Hope OL is feeling better. He sounded like he needed a major dose of Vit. C on Wed. night.


  9. Anonymous

    Ottmar’s music was wonderful and we were glad to finally see him play. We also enjoyed the many percussion instruments. There was an instrument that was tall and looked like a bow. It was so different and we wondered what the name of this instrument was.

    Beautiful music, wonderful artistry, dedicated and extremely talented musicians! Ottmar, I hope more people become introduced to your music and enjoy it as much as we did that evening. Thank you very much for coming to Sacramento.
    Ottmar and Luna Negra, domo arigato gozaimashita.

  10. Anonymous

    The bow-like instrument is a Berimbau. It is Brazilian. The bowl can be place on the belly to create a Wah effect.


  11. Anonymous

    Actually, the biribau might have originated in Africa. But it’s most common in Brazil now.


  12. Carol

    It would be nice to hear how the guitar lesson came out. Have you created a rival, Ottmar?
    Jorge, I’m waiting with bated breath…..What’s that little girl’s nme?


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