San Diego on Sunday

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I believe this is our 14th year of playing at Humphrey’s in San Diego. Tonight we’ll have plenty of time to play…


  1. Anonymous

    See there, OL! Hopefully my wife won’t go into labor She’s due any day now. Enjoy the great food at Humphreys! HAve you ever been to Cafe Sevilla downtown? Good tapas and (sometimes) good flamenco!

    Jorge Mabarak

  2. Anonymous

    BTW, the lady at the ticket booth said that once this lady’s water broke durring a Chris Isaac concert at Humphrey’s. She insisted on staying through the show. I wonder what my wife (Olivia) would do. I don’t want to find out!

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Ottmar,

    Great show last night, saw you 10 years ago at Humphreys. My sister and I took you and the gang to Cafe Sevilla’s downtown after the concerty, remember that? Well my husband and I really enjoyed your new music from “La Semana”. Keep playing those songs de amor…

    Take care,

  4. Anonymous

    I’ve enjoyed Humphrey’s the past 2 years, but couldn’t afford a plane tix to see it this year. But hey, tonight at the Mt Winery should be another good one… and cold! Again! We need a pic of some heat voodoo. *lol*


  5. Anonymous

    Hey this is Andre.
    I have a somewhat weird question, but…
    Would it be unpolite or in any way rude to let you kow about a new recording I did on this page?
    You are after all guitar lovers and your opinion would be very important.
    Of course I realize this is Ottmar´s website, and no promotional forum. So I will not divulge any info for now and wait for your response, as not to offend or irritate anybody.
    I hope this is fair and good luck with all your daily adventures.

  6. Anonymous


    A good bet might be the “Bullfighter’s Dream” board on the OL Fanmencos Forum (…it’s not technically OL’s official message board, but it’s the only one (I believe) online, and OL, as well as many of the blog fans, visit it occasionally, if not quite often.

    Adam Solomon


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