La Semana in stores soon…

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A new jewel-box edition of “La Semana” will be manufactured by our new distributor 33rd Street and should be in stores in mid to late August – in time for the second half of the tour. Of course the Limited Edition box is only available from us, but we will also sell our remaining stock of the DigiPak edition from our web site and at our concerts. This now means that the DigiPak has become a very inexpensive limited edition of 4,000 CDs as we will not be priniting more of these.


  1. Anonymous

    Ahh, very nice, to see La Semana appear in stores…

    and so the Digi-pak will then become a very cheap “limited edition”, sounds cool for the people who bought it! The actual Limited Edition is the most creative packaging (+ album!!!) that I’ve probably ever seen, being independent truly has it’s advantages ;)

    Oh, and I was always wondering…How does a Digi-pak differ from a traditional jewel case?

    Adam Solomon

  2. Anonymous

    I’m listening to “Market Day” at the moment, and it really is a gem…will the jewel-box edition have the limited edition tracklisting? If not, a version of it should–this song is wonderful!

    Love the flamenco shouting in the middle, by the way…is that you?

    Adam Solomon

  3. Carolynn

    This is fabulous! More people should be able to have the pleasure of “La Semana.” I have enjoyed it tremendously!

  4. Kiyomi

    I’m trying to purchase the limited edition but it seems to be impossible….”No shipping option is available” it says…is it because I live in NL (the tiny country next to Germany)?? Poor me…


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