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I started using these in-ear-monitors in 1994 when we tried to cut down on stage noise for the recording of the live album Viva! Using in-ear-monitors meant that we could get rid of all wedges (monitor speakers) on stage which made for better sound and a better look. Future Sonics invented in-ear monitors for the Grateful Dead I believe and in 1994 they were still fairly new technology. Then we had to carry incredibly heavy racks filled with headphone amps and limiters (the limiters make sure that no sudden blast of sound destroys the musicians ear) and flying with these racks was awful. Nowadays we use Shure headphone amps with built-in limiters that are no larger than a Walkman and run on batteries. Some of us use the wireless version, but I generally prefer the wired ones because they sound better. For great-fitting ear-monitors you ask an audiologist to make molds from your ears. These molds are then sent to Future Sonics who make personal earphones that will not fit anybody else and sound fantastic. They are also very low key and people often don’t notice that I am listening to music…they think I am ignoring their question when I simply cannot hear them…


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