03-03-03 + Santa Fe Sessions

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Tomorrow is 03-03-03…..forward, backwards, American and European style….

I checked the HIgher Octave web site to make sure that that creepy unknown song wasn’t there anymore….and found this first customer review of the new disc:

James Brooks from New York City writes:
Sounds great but when is Ottmar going to get over these old songs? Some of these are over 10 years old just redone with little changes. 2 stars for the effort. We need fresh NEW songs Ottmar.

Sounds great – but only 2 stars….
Well, I guess he felt like he should subtract stars because there are not enough NEW songs. But it sounds great. Presumably 4 or 5 stars for the music, but subtraction for lack of new material. Although the two new songs are great IMHO and would have deserved more….

There are still people buying new interpretations of classical music, even though all of the composers are dead and won’t write any new material – unless somebody can channel me some new Mozart. And then there are people who like Jazz and like listening to fresh interpretations of standards.
There are dozens of people who have covered my songs on their albums, and on Santa Fe Sessions I did some covering myself – that is true. But audiences still ask to hear Barcelona Nights and Snakecharmer and I am still performing those songs. It seemed natural to me to record them again, because I am still involved with them. And because they have changed quite a bit over the last dozen years as we all have….To answer Mr. Brooks’ question: I don’t think I will ever get over those songs….but I can let them evolve over time. Think of these covers as a family portrait a decade later…..

PS: Does a father GET OVER his child? These songs were the first music I created that the general audience liked. They changed my life forever. In fact audiences want to hear live versions of this music and I still perform quite a few of these songs when we tour…I know, David Bowie once bravely (or stupidly?) declared that he would NEVER perform his old stuff again – but that lasted only a few years and then he changed his mind. Me, I like my songs and I will try to let them evolve and maybe I’ll record them AGAIN in 2015 *IF* they have changed enough by then….


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