Asco Dishwasher

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A couple of years ago I bought an Asco dishwasher because it lasts, works well and is energy efficient. I found a button that said Economy and since I am all for conserving and being economical I pressed it and the machine worked well and cleaned the dishes. A while later I had the occasion to read the manual. It said that the Economy button saved electricity and used more water. I realized that for one person conserving means saving electricity (they appear to have plenty of water in Scandinavia where the Asco comes from…) while another person doesn’t mind using a little more electricity if it means saving water (that would be me living in the desert in New Mexico…). Well, of course I switched the Economy setting off. A little more electricity, a little less water. and the dishes are still clean…
And when there isn’t a whole load for the dishwasher I’ll do the dishes by hand……ever noticed that there are two kinds of people – the washers and the dryers?


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