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Visited Santa Fe’s wonderful modern art museum “Site Santa Fe” on Paseo de Peralta this Morning. Of the three artists shown, one stood out I thought. His name is John F. Simon and you can see a few of his pieces online at:

However, seeing them live is much better, because quite a few of the pieces constantly change and evolve. I also enjoyed John Simon’s laser-cut acrylic pieces, which reminded me of old Japanese woodcuts.

Yesterday and today I have been cleaning up our studio which has accumulated a lot of STUFF since opening in 1994. You know what I mean by STUFF – to good to throw away, but hardly ever used and taking up too much space…..
We have sold the Euphonix mixing console, but the Sony 24 track recorder is still taking up space in one of the rooms. Everybody went digital at the same time and there is no market for these wonderful machines. They might become the rage again in another 20 years????
Anyway, I am slowly clearing the big 16 x 4 ft. table in the control room that so many items had accumulated on…..and the studio is starting to look brand new…..


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