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Started a new diary, of course in the middle of the year – writing longhand into a book of unlined pages. Discovered that I prefer pencil over ballpoint pen, rollerpen or fountain pen. Pencil compares to rollerpen as Flamenco guitar compares to synthesizer, that is character over uniformity!? I found myself writing more and enjoying it more.

The dogs are loosing a lot of hair in this Summer-like heat that has hit Santa Fe. Tibetan Mastiffs only shed once a year, towards the end of spring – otherwise they keep their coat. The dogs look quite small after they loose the big winter coat. The hair is soft and many shades of grey. Would make a great rug or wall hanging…

50% chance of rain on Saturday according to, which I visit more often than every before.

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  1. Pam christie

    Your music has refreshed virtually revived my life. Thankyou !


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