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I haven’t done much in the past couple of days because I am sick. I am coughing a lot and feel achy.

Well, I did set up a wireless connection to the internet for my laptop and enjoy sitting outside – or anywhere in the house – to check my email….

I also signed 250 “IN THE ARMS OF LOVE” CD booklets which will be available with the CD package from the Higher Octave web site sometime next month.

And I had a chance to reflect on last week’s mini-tour.
1. Write little intros for a lot of the songs to cover up the loading time of the computer.
2. More colors, i.e. bring the electric guitar and the unique Luitar in addition to the Flamenco guitar for intros and interludes.
3. Add the V-drums to Michael’s arsenal. With them he could trigger drum sounds or even other synth textures.
I am very pleased with the new sound and look forward to developing it.


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