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I decided to sell one of my Flamenco guitars on Ebay. I bought the guitar from Eric Sahlin in 1991 and used it live from 1991 until 1999 and on all of the albums from The Hours between Night + Day in 1993 until Innamorare in 1997.

The reason I am selling the guitar is that I noticed that I am not playing it very much anymore. I mostly use a newer Flamenco guitar Eric built for me in 1995. They are identical in that they both have cedar tops and cypres sides and backs, but somehow I prefer the 1995 model. In any case I believe that a guitar needs to be played in order to sound its best, it needs to be used in order to evolve….and so I want to put it in somebody else’s hands. Eric Sahlin has a waiting list of 6 years for his wonderful guitars and somebody out there will really enjoy this guitar we are selling.


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