Masculine – Feminine

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From an interview I read in Surface* Magazine with Gaetano Pesce, on of my favorite designers:

-Pesce predicts that we will move into a “feminine” epoch in which everything that has been masculine – serious, monolithic, rigid, totalitarian, monochrome, barren, minimalist, immutable – will become multidisciplinary, supple, adaptive, translucent, resinous, elastic. Design will speak through color, imagery and emotion.

Alright then, bring it on, I am ready! I think that we probably live in one of the most masculine epochs ever. I’ll go out on a limb and will say this: I feel that most advances women have made in the past century, they have made by adapting themselves to a masculine world and not by making that world more feminine. I feel that we are more visually (I think that eyes equal scanners=masculine and ears equal receptacles= feminine) orientated than ever. The world is also noisier than ever – men and their noisy toys: roaring cars, planes and motorcycles, loud car stereos that proclaim the proximity of powerful boys, household appliances that make much more noise than they should….etc…..

The other day I asked a women why bombs and hurricanes used to always have female names. She answered that bombs were made by men – period.


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