Boulder Show

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On the band bus somewhere in Arizona, driving toward Ojai…

We did pretty well for our first show in Boulder last night. Kanoa’s synth detuned itself somehow and the beginning of Lush turned into a bit of a cacophony. I forgot the coda after Ode 2 Love completely. And the end of the encore doesn’t sound right to me yet and we will have to play around with finding a better rhythm for it. But overall I am very happy with the sound of the band. The two days of rehearsals in Boulder were very enjoyable, but the weather changed radically for the show day and the temperature dropped from about 93 degrees to around 45 degrees. Since the Chautauqua hall is a barn it was FREEZING inside. It warmed up a little bit with the capacity audience inside, but fingers just didn’t want to move as fast as we would have liked them to!


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