Driving to Boulder

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We drove in three rental cars from Santa Fe to Boulder yesterday. I rode in a car with Calvin and Jon, and we asked Calvin to tell us stories about the Flamenco world in Madrid, Spain. Calvin plays Flamenco guitar in a club in Madrid, where he accompanies Flamenco dancers and singers.

Today our crew will set up the stage at the Chautauqua and we hope to get to run the show once this afternoon. My right thumb, which I stabbed with a speaker spike last week – it left a nice clean hole that was a quarter inch in diameter and a quarter inch deep – is almost healed up. It’s become a tradition for me to hurt myself within the last week before the tour. I think this is the fourth time. Do I really not want to go on the road? Is the self-imposed pressure of putting on a great show to much? I don’t know.

Went to a coffee shop across from the hotel this morning to have an eye-opener (regular coffee with a shot of espresso) and noticed that there is no mention of our show on Wednesday in the Boulder Weekly, just an add for all of the shows at the Chautauqua.


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