San Diego

Woke up in a parking lot in front of Humphrey’s in San Diego this morning.

Mark and I will do an instore at Borders in the middle of the day.

We have played at Humphrey’s since 1990 and until now we had never played our long set. In the past we always performed 2 shows in one evening and that meant that we had to keep our show to about 90 minutes including encore. We have a wonderful audience in San Diego and this year I wanted to show them the whole enchilada, which is why we are only doing one performance.


This is a great band and we are truly enjoying ourselves. Unfortunately, we were not able to perform all of our show in Sacramento because of their 10pm curfew, but we did play for over 90 minutes and actually went over the time limit by a few minutes. We had to whisper in Mark’s ear to please stop….. : )

I guess our performance is a little long at about 2 hours and 10 minutes to 2 1/2 hours. With intermission that can amount to almost 3 hours…..

Last night at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga was quite beautiful. The temperature was perfect and the sky was inspiring. I love the new ending for our show. It gives everybody a last chance to solo and is a great way to say good night……

Mountain Winery

We are in Saratoga at the Mountain Winery today. Playing at the Luther Burbank Center was a lot of fun last night. The auditorium sounds a lot better now that the pews have been replaced by upholstered theater seating. It looks very nice as well. The band sounded great. I enjoy Calvin’s Buleria at the end of the first set!! He really plays very well. It shows that he has spent the last couple of years performing at a traditional Flamenco club in Madrid, Spain. Jon and I do palmas and Mark plays the cajon.


Mecca is a fabulous restaurant at 2029 Market Street in San Francisco. My friend Michael Fennely, who used to cook at the Santacafe in Santa Fe, and who wrote a wonderful cookbook called East meets Southwest, is the chef at Mecca. When I last enjoyed the food at Mecca in February, Michael and I talked about my band coming this Summer and playing for our dinner.

I called Michael a few days ago and we set up our impromptu performance for Tuesday evening. We were staying in Oakland and at first I considered taking the ferry and taxis, but I realized that the ferry stopped running before 9pm. Then I thought of getting a van service before I realized that we have busses!!!………

We arrived at Mecca in our band bus at 8pm and ate and drank and played music until 11pm. It was fantastic!

Lake Casitas

Woke up in Ojai at Lake Casitas this morning. Dan’s huge 160 lbs. Rottweiler “Cleveland” was there – see photos from the 2001 tour. Cleve was even wearing a tour pass around his neck! I found the catering tent and the coffee while the stage was being set up. It’s wonderful to play out here!!