Upright Bass

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March 31st at the Nugget was the last time performing with upright bass, the last time playing with this great quintet + the last time we performed some of these songs – at least for a while. I thought Michael Chavez was great on Bongos and the energy between him and Mark on Cajon was amazing.

I am still working in the studio. My engineer and I are removing old analog wires laid in 1994, and replace them with new analog wire and new digital cable and hooking everything up to the patchbays. Patchbays used to mystify me. They are the true heart of any studio, where all of the veins and arteries come together. Here you patch the microphone into a particular pre-amp and from there to the analog to digital converters…..
What a month March was. In nor particular order: The Grammy’s were boring once again, Afghanistan destroyed it’s history, and our own government seems to try to ignore Mad Cow disease instead of learning from the European experience…..


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