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What are some of your reccomendations -as far as independent labels and artists?

Here are a few albums I enjoy. None of them are flamenco albums, but all of them are creating a wonderful new mix out of many influences.

1. Bebel Gilberto “TantoTempo” on Six Degrees Records. Six Degrees seems to have a lot of brasilian music – I also enjoy “Brasil 2mil”.
2. Compilation “Om Lounge 2” on OM Records. I also bought “Om Lounge 4” but didn’t like that 1 @ all……
3. Peace Orchestra “Peace Orchestra” on G-Stone Recordings. I have most albums by Kruder & Dorfmeister and this one is by Peter Kruder.
4. The Cinematic Orchestra “Remixes 98-2000” on Ninja Tune. Jazz in the 3rd millenium. Yes, one can remix Jazz. Actually not that new, since Miles Davis approched many of his records in he seventies as if he was remixing the performances……..
5. Compilation “Hi:Fidelity Lounge, Volume 1” on Guidance Recordings
6. Compilation “Jet Society” on ESL. If I understand this right Eighteenth Street Lounge is a club in Washington DC, and also a record label –
7. Thievery Corporation “The Mirror Conspiracy” on ESL.

If you are interested about what is happening on the flamenco front I would recommend the new album, “Ciudad De Las Ideas” by Vicente Amigo on the BMG label.


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