Last transmission from the second Millennium

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As I watch the sunrise lighting up the mountains West of Santa Fe I am thinking about a busy year now behind us. I am looking forward to 2001. I have many plans and ideas for the new year and am giddy with excitement about turning them into realities……

From a conversation w a friend last week about the many changes in music:
It used to be very expensive to record ones music. Musicians had to be incredibly dedicated to save up or somehow find the money to record a single or an album or had to tour for years until they were “discovered” by a record company. That in itself limited the amount of music that was available. Now every high school student willing to work for a summer can afford to buy recording equipment that will sound as good or better than what professional studio used thirty years ago. What this means is that there is an amazing amount of music released every week, not just by the major labels, but also by tiny independent companies. How do we find out about some of the really good, but more obscure music that is being released among this incredible flood of albums? Certainly not from radio, which could be such a great medium to showcase new artists. Certainly not from MTV, unless you are willing to watch 24/7 to catch a glimpse of something new. Searching through file after file on MP3?

R U ready 4 the real beginning of the millenium on 01.01.2001?

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