Flamenco Nails

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Nice reviews of our “christmas + santa fe” CD on www.cnn.com and in USA Today last week!

The release date for the “Little Wing” album is May 15th, 2001.

Flamenco Nails!
About 11 years ago I started hardening the nails of my right hand by putting krazy glue on them. This creates a warmer guitar tone and enables the nails to withstand the punishment of Flamenco rasguados and strumming. A few years later I heard about adding baking soda to the crazy glue which hardens and creates a thicker nail. The danger of doing this is that the combination of krazy glue and baking soda creates heat – if one uses too much at a time it is possible to burn a hole in the nail. About four years ago I started using acrylic which doesn’t look as awful as the baking soda. I finish the acrylic with a little krazy glue to create to a very smooth surface. Lately I have started to mix krazy glue with acrylic on the nail. It takes a little longer to harden and dry, but seems to work just as well and doesn’t stink as terrible as the acrylic solution.

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