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We arrive in Mexico City on Monday, September 25th. On Tuesday we do promotion. From 8am until 8pm we perform 6 songs on 3 TV shows, and I do about 12 interviews for TV, print, and radio. All of the TV performances are done to full playback. It is funny to watch Mark hit the cajon to the sound of timbales…..

On Wednesday we fly to Guadalajara. In the evening we visit a restaurant called Santo Coyote and the tequila flows rather freely. On Thursday we play two shows at the Teatro Gallerias.

Friday we return to Mexico City. We are told that in Mexico City wealthy people buy two tickets to concerts, one for themselves and another one three rows back for their body guard. We play in front of an audience of over 7,000 in the beautiful Auditorio Nacional. Walking down the corridor to my dressing room I look at photos of many international artists who have performed here. The photo at the end of the hallway is of me and dated 23rd of April 1993. My Grunge period: long hair, cowboy boots, jeans and a flannel shirt. Sunday morning we fly to Monterrey, Mexico, where we play that evening at the Auditorio Luis Elizondo.


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