09.22 @ 837 (Internet Time)

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The Swiss watchmaker Swatch has created what they call Internet Time. They devided 24 hours into 1000 “Beats”, which are each 86.4 seconds long. The clock starts at Midnight Central European time, which is GMT +1 Hour. Now two people living at opposite ends of the world don’t have to compare timezones and daylight savings time in order to meet on the net…..

You can download “Internet Time” for PC, MAC and Palm Pilot at www.swatch.com

This reminds me…..France used to have metric time once…a day was devided into 10 hours, each Hour had 100 minutes. Each Minute had 100 Seconds. I believe France operated on this metric time for quite a while until Napoleon made a deal with the Pope who wanted France go back to Church Time (24 hours of 60 Minutes)…I forget where I read that…..


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