Worst and best shows, Part 1:

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Best: Villa Cordellina in Vicenza, Italy, in the Summer of 1996:
Imagine this setting: a stage in the garden of a beautiful villa from the mid 1700s in an incredible landscape near Venice, not far from the town that inspired Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet…People are dressed to the nines and there is a long line of cars winding up to the concert grounds…the sun is setting…it starts to rain lightly about 2 minutes into our first song, Snakecharmer, and we are getting wet because the promoter didn’t give us the roof over the stage we asked for. Since we don’t want Jon to get electrocuted – since he plays an electric bassguitar, and we don’t want my flamenco guitar or the tablas to get damaged by the water, we stop the concert after the first song and run back to the dressing rooms. The audience waits patiently in their seats and 10 or 15 minutes later the rain stops. The audience’s patience and the incredible beauty of the landscape and this wonderful summer’s night have moved us greatly and we give one of our best performances.


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