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Around midnight Air Canada delivers all of our luggage to the hotel in Victoria, all 14 pieces. Look on the bright side of life…..also, after having watched some of the BET Jazz Programs on TV in the hotel in DC I think it was a good thing that the taping of the show was cancelled. It seems to me that the production values of BET’s Jazz shows are nowhere near the ones of Sessions at West 54th or the Canadian Bravo! show.

Don Cox, the upright bassplayer of the band that opens for us tonight is lending Jon one of his 2 acoustic upright basses. When we offer him money he turns it down insisting that he simply wants to help a fellow bass player! Well, thank you so much Don because without you I would have had to perform with a bass-less trio!!

Our show in Victoria is sold out and it’s great to finally make music instead of travelling and travelling……..Unfortunately it can only get worse from here because I doubt we’ll be able to find another upright bass to borrow…and we still haven’t received the electric fretless bassguitar…


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