D’Addario Strings

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Here is why I love using D’Addario strings on all of my guitars:

1. The strings are consistent. I never have a bad set that won’t stay in tune. Before I started using D’Addario in 1990 I had problems with another brand and I remember that during the “Nouveau Flamenco” sessions I once had to change strings on my guitar three times before I found a set that stayed in tune.

2. D’Addario is committed to improving their product. A few years ago I did an interview with a Canadian show called Much Music and as Jon and I launched into a duo performance of “Snakecharmer”, my D-string broke and we had to stop. During the commercial break that followed I put a new D-string on my flamenco guitar, but it broke again. I called D’Addario the next day and suggested that the D-string needed to be reinforced because I had quite a few break, but never before on live TV! Well, D’Addario sent me prototypes of a new, stronger D-string within a month and I have never again had one break!

Currently I have D’Addario composite strings on my Flamenco guitars, which use a new plastic composite instead of nylon for the 3rd through 6th strings. I feel that they are more in tune than regular nylon strings, and especially the often troublesome 3rd string sounds better.


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