Water Bottles in Saxophones

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The band celebrated Ron’s birthday in Montreal by playing ‘Happy Birthday’ in a marching band style. I wasn’t there when the band arranged the song and was as surprised as Ron when the guys started. It sounded great!!

I don’t remember whether I told you this story before: When we played in Ojai/California this Summer, Kanoa stuck a water bottle into the bell of his saxophone because it was easier to carry both across the lawn….then he forgot that he had the plastic bottle in his horn and kept complaining about the sound during soundcheck….. when Mark pointed out that he had a water bottle in his saxophone he thought Mark was kidding……after minutes he was finally convinced and while we are all laughing he finds ‘his sound’ by removing the bottle……

Kanoa is sounding great on this Fall tour as well, and I truly enjoy listening to him solo on ‘Girl from Ipanema’. Every night he plays something different and every night it’s a pleasure to hear…..


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