A week before the first US show of ’99

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Three days ago I did 10 phone interviews with journalists in Canada and Mexico. That amounts to about five hours on the phone, talking about my life, the new album, and this upcoming tour. It can be more exhausting than playing a three hour show, but then there are always some interesting conversations, too….

Two days ago, 4 phoners and a 4 hour rehearsal with the band. Yesterday, another 4 hour rehearsal… and a little birthday celebration for Daniel, who turned 33. James Bobchak came by and said hello. He was in the Luna Negra XL band a couple of years ago, and just released his second album, Sundance Flamenco, on the New Earth label.

Well, Luna Negra XL sounds fantastic this year… and we have more songs than we can fit into the show… we might have to change the set list every night. The sound of this band is big and exciting, bright, full of energy and depth… a week to go before the first show in Boulder, CO…


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