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A few Nights ago 4 of us had the pleasure of enjoying an unbelievable meal in Sydney, created by a culinary genius. It was a dinner prepared by Tetsuya Wakuda, whose restaurant Tetsuya’s is in Rozelle, Sydney. When we arrived by cab we looked around for the restaurant, which has no obvious signage on the street… 12 or 13 main courses followed by 4 dessert courses. It was perfect: we didn’t even see a menu, because Tetsuya picked all the food and wine for the evening… Champagne followed by 3 kinds of wonderful Australian white wine, including a lovely Riesling and a very nice Gewuerztraminer, Australian Pinot Noire and Shiraz, and a dessert wine.

The negative space on a painting, or the silence or pauses between the notes in music, are the equivalent of the pacing of a multi-course meal… and this meal was orchestrated masterfully… every time we thought that we might be ready for another morsel – there it came! The unagi, which is eel, was the best I ever had, the pasta would have made the best Italian chef proud… and those are just two items out of too many to mention… let me just say it was one of the most amazing meals of my life. I shall always remember it…

729 Darling Street
(02) 9555-1017


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