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During a walk with my dogs yesterday afternoon I had a new thought regarding computers. What if the singular vision of computers, the linear white male mind frame, the universal use of a binary language combined with most computer users using the English language in some form… is a way to bring all of the cultures of this World together.
What if it is an opportunity to make us all relate? I mean, I would love to see what kind of textures an African would bring to the computer, what sort of emotion a Tango dancer could add, what sort of intricate design an Arab might create – instead of these beige or grey or black boxes and all their alike looking software…
But maybe I need to see this as the first step, where we all learn the language before we can get really creative with it.
I tried composing on computers and didn’t like it. I felt detached, intellectual. Maybe I went about it the wrong way or maybe I could have overcome the feeling. I just didn’t like the way it felt. I love playing guitar, and I mean not just the sounds, but also the way it FEELS. So that’s still the way I write – on the guitar…hey, I can do it outside, I can do it without needing batteries or an electric plug – anytime, anywhere…


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