Tennis and Hendrix

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I had lunch with a Tennis Player. We talked about the small wooden rackets that were used 20-30 years ago, which forced the players to play smart, versus the new large composite rackets used today, which make many players rely on power and a hard serve. You watch a modern game and most points are made with aces (unanswered serves).
From tennis our conversation went to race cars and from race cars to live shows. Jimi Hendrix 30 years ago had a smaller P.A. than any band working today. How many groups today depend on massive sound and ear blasting volume to make an impression for them… I myself have seen plenty of such shows.
I made the point that we can choose not to rely on technology, where we feel it is not adding to our happiness. A few hundred years ago, I believe around 1600AD, the Japanese Samurai decided to NOT use guns on the battlefield anymore. They had fought several wars with guns and felt that there was no achievement in raining bullets on an enemy from a distance. They wanted to look the person they were going to kill in the eye. They succeeded in turning back time in the sense that until the last century the Samurai continued to fight with swords, not with guns.

We can make that type of decision as well. We can decide that there is no poetry in in using oversized rackets, or race cars with lots of driver aids and electronics etc… We can each decide which technologies enrich our lives, and which don’t, and act accordingly….


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