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I am playing the ‘Neroli’ album by Brian Eno in the kitchen and another of his albums in the living room, and it sounds pretty amazing throughout the house. 16-18 years ago I was very interested in this sort of spatial composition. I designed, on paper only, complex systems with multiple amplifiers and many speakers surrounding the audience. One time I wrote a piece where the musicians where scattered throughout the theater. (Is this something we could make use of in a live-show?)

To do this right you would require a different breed of orchestra musician, somebody who has a wonderful tone, and yet is willing to play very little… and how to notate such music that wouldn’t even have a time keeper (unless one fed every musician a metronome via in-ear monitors)… also taking into account how far apart some of the musicians might be and the room delays involved.

I remember what a Japanese musician answered when I asked him about traditional Japanese notation? He said there is NO rhythm. Just notations like: play this sort of sequence of sounds a little while after you hear this other guy play that sequence of sounds – or something to that effect.


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