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Is there an Internet Service out there, that can act like the curator of a museum? People who listen to music all day long and wade through thousands of releases per month and let us know what we might like? Somebody who correlates the parameters of the music we love and compiles new music for us? (What parameters? How would a parameter for emotional content work?) And I am not talking about the way tells us: ‘If you love this, you might like this…’ their method seems crude, unsophisticated, unimaginative, and their secondary choices are uninspired and seem to never relate to the first choice very well.

I also think we’ll buy more compilation CDs in the near future. A compilation is one way to accomplish what I am thinking about. But an Internet Curator Service for music would be nice. Somebody, who might charge a person half a dollar per month to introduce them to lots of new music. If that service had 10,000 subscribers they would already earn $5,000/month… one could listen to the new selections via Real Audio before making a decision… then the site could refer the prospective buyer to a large Internet CD store, whether it be, Borders or Virgin or whatever. The curator-site could also set up a deal with thestores to collect a few pennies per sale referred. And they could also sell their own compilations online.


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