Leda Battisti

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Exactly a year ago we were in Italy – 7 weeks in Toscany – and on the radio we kept hearing an Italian band’s cover of my song ‘2 The Night’ from ‘Nouveau Flamenco’. In fact we heard it all the time and found out that the song even reached the top of the Italian singles chart. This Spring I am told Leda Battisti’s first single is out in Italy, ‘L’acqua al deserto’, and receiving a lot of airplay. I played guitars on 9 or 10 of the songs for her album a year a go in Milan. Now the single is out and the album will be released by Epic Italy shortly. Besides doing her own songs, Leda also sings on new versions of ‘Snakecharmer’, ‘Ocean Blvd.’, ‘Tangos de Tesuque’, and ‘Butterfly + Juniper’. In fact the B-side of the first single is her version of ‘Ocean Blvd.’ I wish her much success!


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