Santana Tour Report #18

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Chandler, AZ: yesterday i read “Idoru” by William Gibson – what a let down. “Neuromancer” was brilliant, “Mona Lisa Overdrive” was still pretty good… now he has been swallowed by time… Gibson had a vision, a glimpse, a taste of the future, and then time, like a slowmoving gel or soft plasma, caught up with him and engulfed him and swallowed him… not a single new idea here, just the fulfillment of a contract to write another book…

At 10pm last night Jon and i tried to find a bar or a liquor store – nada!!! even the bar of the sligtly fancier Windham hotel, where Santana’s band stays (we all stay in the Fairfield Inn, the crew hotel) was already empty and closing… we have reached a new tea + coffee low at this hotel… Santana’s guitar tech walked several miles down the highway for a cappuccino yesterday, but there is nothing nearby and the coffee in the hotel tastes like dishwater… Tonight we will have a lunar eclipse, a “BLACK MOON” or “LUNA NEGRA”… the Earth’s shadow will appear on the moon at 6:30pm and will grow until the moon is completely covered…


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