Santana Tour Report #10

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San Diego: we are staying at a hotel in the old gaslight district so that the crew can go out drinking at night and crawl back to the hotel… i went sailing w Stefan, Patch and Carl yesterday… wonderful weather, perfect wind… feeling the sun and the salty ocean breeze, surrounded by water… hm, nothing better… this morning i tried to get a decent cup of coffee and was denied… i will have to put my own espresso machine on the bus, ’cause this is rediculous… read more of Ken Wilber’s “A Brief History of Everything”… he’s an American visionary and wrote an amazing book, utterly amazing in scope and depth and really another example of this age of INTEGRATION… that’s what the end of the 20th century is really about: INTEGRATION… to integrate science AND religion… to integrate various types and traditions of music into a global approach…etc. etc…

When i heard the sound of the bell ringing, there was no i, and no bell, just the ringing


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