Santana Tour Report #3

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Santa Barbara… 2nd day… good bike ride into the hills with Stefan in the morning… nice Illy Cafe espresso at the Montecito Coffee Company… then Stefan talks me into buying a bicycle helmet… i tell him that i never wore a helmet when i was a bicycle messenger in Boston from 1983 until 1986, but he makes me get one anyway… again we don’t get a soundcheck at the County Bowl in Santa Barbara, but we get to join the Santana band and run through a tune Carlos wants us to join him on: “El Mar”, which is on George Benson’s wonderful CTI album “White Rabbit”… hard-to-find, but still in print on Epic records and worth ordering… after we perform “El Mar”, Carlos starts up “Samba Pa Ti”, which i haven’t played in years… and i am onstage with one of the guitarists that inspired me to choose this instrument years and years ago… amazing…


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