Athens, Greece

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maybe the greek language does not translate well in2 english… the fact is that everything a greek person says in english sounds like a command…

instead of would u please sit down it is u sit down now!

+ the women sound even harsher than the men – very strange…

@ 4:30pm the promoter stuffed 4 of us in2 a little taxi + we drove 2 the venue, a modern amphitheater near the acropolis, surrounded by hills that looked like a movie set… the promoter’s sound company had problems w their gear + soundcheck was @ 8pm instead of 6pm… i was assured that the horrible hum from the p.a. speakers would stop as soon as the generator was started + the lights had their seperate power source…

hm, but when that FULL MOON appeared over the hill + we started the show @ 9:30pm everything was fine @ last… the audience was gr8 + dug the music, the younger members standing around the stage + noding their heads as if @ a rock concert… everybody played well + we got in2 some new music, playing w the songs, improvising 2gether…

afterwards we went 2 a restaurant w the promoter + a man from sony + drank uzo, a traditional greek liquor… 1 person claimed it had opiates in it, another said it was like the french absinth, but it seemed like a regular alcoholic drink 2 me… i guess i should ask gary…he had 3 glasses of uzo…


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