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here is a little slice of my life:

Thursday, June 20 I wake up @ 7am… morning TV show in San Francisco, then 2 the Warfield Theater + then 2 an instore per4mance w Ron @ the Virgin Megastore on Market Street…

the evening’s show was wonderful… San Francisco feels like a homecoming party every time… what a wonderful audience…

a car picks me up after the show… I go 2 sleep @ 1am… wake-up call 3 hours later @ 4am… 2 the airport @ 5am… I fly 2 L.A. 4 another morning TV show… then 2 Santa Monica 4 Reuter’s TV… then 2 Santa Ana…

we do 2 per4mances on Fridaynight… afterwards 2 a hotel… in bed around 1am… wake-up call @ 6:45am… off 2 L.A. 4 an instore in Santa Monica in the morning… around 2pm i’ll be back @ the Wiltern Theater… then right away off 2 a short per4mance @ a TV convention, back 2 the Wiltern 4 a soundcheck + the show + then rolling 2 San Diego… i really want 2 sleep…


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