New Orleans 2 Tampa

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we just left the house of blues in new orleans + r on our way 2 tampa (over 700 miles)… hope 2 get 2 our hotel in tampa by 2morrow evening… the house of blues in new orleans + rockefellers in houston the night b4 r the only club shows on this tour…

it’s different when people can drink all night @ the show… a woman drunkenly yelled my name as i was leaving the stage after our final bow + experience told me not 2 go back 2 the stage later as i often do 2 meet people from the audience… i heard she grabbed the percussionist + even jumped on stage 2 get in2 it w the drummer b4 being removed by security…

upstairs in the dressing rooms myra was showing a waitress from the club some beginner belly dance techniques… in front of the club i met some turkish people who said our music is played in several turkish cities… cool!!

al2gether a nice experience @ the house of blues…and we r all wearing some house o’ blues swag: i picked the blues underwear w the heart on fire – surrounded by barbed wire…

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  1. Nola

    Saw Ottmar in New Orleans. Have wanted to see him since I recieved as a gift years ago (cassette) Poets and Angels. Then saw him on a late night talk show. He is awesome!!! Have most everything now…. on CD.


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