Double Platinum

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yesterday we received our 2nd platinum award 4 nouveau flamenco!

2 years ago the little record that keeps going + going went platinum in new zealand + this month it reached platinum in australia…

i still have a cold…
my nose is plugged + now my mouth doubles as food-intake + breathing hole…

woke up after a restless night w a straw-mouth 4 that reason…

thank god we cancelled the publicity 4 2day… instead carl + i went in2 town + found a cool coffee shop 4 lunch… finally summerly weather in melbourne, 4 the 1st time in weeks…

received some very cool swag (free stuff) from the australian distributor of massimo clothing… everybody is looking 4ward 2 a sold-out show in melbourne 2night… 2morrow we have 2 brave another customs, this time new zealand…


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Fri, May 5 2023 in Sedona AZ
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Wed, May 10 2023 in Portland OR
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