Caravan of Dreams

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Caravan of Dreams in Ft.Worth yesterday + Tuesday.

Well, I was in a funk yesterday. In 2 ways! I hadn’t taken a shower since Wednesday + I was feeling lousy.

2nd show was interesting. Lampi told us story between shows about tripping 4 2 weeks in ABQ. Lotsa hallus. Made me trip during show somehow. Was feeling very fluid, languid + in a cloud. Was kinda cool. Made some trippey music in the 2nd show.

Funny review of the 1st show in the Ft.Worth Telegram. Called me the Fabio of New Age. ‘Liebert’s tangled music flows in the same acoustic/New Agey vein as Acoustic Alchemy, but he has something those guys don’t: sex appeal. He’s beefy like the guys in Nordic Track infomercials yet agile enough 2 pass 4 a stuffed Koala. The 1st of his 2 shows last night revealed that now that his hair is gone, so is some of his appeal. The women didn’t scream. The men didn’t say, ‘Aw, that ain’t nothin’. I can do that’ and no one was making jokes about how he is really Michael Bolton’s evil twin from Vermont………’ Pretty funny huh?


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