Singapore 2 New York

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arrived in NYC yesterday @ 10:30am. 13.5 hours from Singapore 2 Amsterdam, called Dad from there, another 8.5 hours from Amsterdam 2 New York. Smooth sailing through Immigration + Customs. A driver was waiting 4 me + his Towncar was parked in the no stopping zone right outside Customs, which was perfect. I was in my hotel room @ the Paramount by noon. Made calls. It was raining. Had lunch in the neighborhood w MS from Epic International. Gave him my passport + green card. The cappucino in the Italian restaurant had cinnamon on it 2 hide the inferior flavor. MS then faxed visa applications 4 Brazil + Argentinia to me which I filled out and returned.
Later that night I tried to take a cab back 2 my hotel. The 1st cab I found stopped, then took off B4 I could open the door – a reaction 2 my hair cut maybe? Am I a punk now?
Woke up this morning, shaved my chinese beard, sent unnecessary stuff (CD player, CDs, clothing, Redwings etc.) home via UPS.

During my meetings @ Sony I called CS + arranged 2 meet him around 4pm. CS introduced me 2 every1 @ Burda + we took off downtown. At the Union Square office of the Metropolitan Modelling Agency we met TZ + went 2 the Coffeeshop 4 drinks. We had a very nice conversation – three Germans in exile meet in New York City.


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