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Went 2 the pool, read in “Music of the Mind”, swam a few laps, read some more, until a pink blossom fell between the pages like a perfect bookmark. Walked 2 the quay + back, found a message from J who was waiting @ the Cantonese Garden restaurant. Changed in2 jeans + met J+ his wife 4 lunch. Didn’t want 2 eat anything, really, but J wouldn’t take no 4 an answer. We had Dim Sum. Delicious. Talked about fashion – J’s wife is a stylist – talked about photographers, models, singers, managers, the biz.

J suggested doing a record in Singapore w a Chinese Ahu (spell?) player (Chinese violin), myself, Yama + Chito. I told him he should work it out w Snake. They could market it in Asia + Epic could have 1st rights 4 the European + American markets. Chito + Yama could record some backing trax, 2 which I would add, + I could also start some songs. I could also bring a few tracks w me 4 the next Luna Negra album that they could add 2. I will mention it 2 GD in New York.

Been looking @ my head, trying 2 decide what 2 do w my hair. Think I will shave it a.s.a.p…….
I wrote these liner notes for the next album……:

“I called my new record opium ’cause it’ll work on your mind like a drug. It’ll rain on your brain. It’ll fall thru the crax + will hug your mind like fog. Give in2 it. Let it take U on a trip. Loud or soft. Let it seduce U. Play it over + over gain. Turn on + tune in. Rinse. Repeat.”

I would like 2 do a multiple answer interview w press or TV: I would give 2 or 3 answers 2 every questions + the paper or TV would run different versions. This could also work in the press release / bio 4 the next album: opium.

1. Where were U born?
A: Cologne, Germany
B: Santa Fe, New Mexico
C: Earth

2. Y did U cut your hair?
A: At a benefit some1 offered 2 give $2,000 to charity if I shaved my head. So I did – @ once.
B: After our concerts 2 many people told me they loved my hair.
C: A Japanese recording engineer in Singapore had a haved head + this little beard. I liked it + copied him.

3. Y the title opium?
A: I imagine opium 2 B a gentle drug. It seduces U, wins U over. That’s what I would like my music 2 do.
B: I like the word, the sound of it……..

4. Have U ever taken Opium?
A: No, but I read a lot about Opium + the poets + artists that took it.
B: No, but my grandfather told me about Opium dens he had visited in China in the twenties.
C: Yes. In India Opium used 2 B available @ official government shops in the late seventies. A lot of travelers would buy it + eat it 2 make the long train rides more bearable.

5. When were U born?
A: When I received my 1st guitar.
B: 15 billion years ago this universe + all atoms were created. I am just a reshuffled deck of cards.
C: In China the conception is the astrological moment of birth.

6. Did U write all the music?
A: Yes, I did.
B: My self is every 1 that came B4 me. It is all I heard, saw, read, tasted, smelled, believed, touched, loved etc….
C: My soul is the antenna, I am the instrument + the guitar is my amplifier.

7. What inspires U?
A: Music, paintings, books, movies, landscapes, lovers, wine, moments.
B: C answer 5B
C: People like Darryl Reanney, Miles Davis, Goethe, Anselm Kiefer + Brian Eno.

8. R U a vegetarian?
A: Yes, I am.
B: No, it would make travelling so much more complicated than it already is. A good piece of beef can give a lot of energy, + eating it can make a host happy.
C: When tired I sleep, when hungry I eat.

– As the distance between particles increases, their bond decreases + their longing 4 each other increases. This is true 4 atoms + 4 solar systems.
– Gravity is the primal need 4 unity.
– The amount of positive NRG locked up in the total mass of the universe’s divided matter = the amount of negative NRG coded in2 the distances between matter that is thus devided. So the net enery of the universe is 0.

Walked around 4 a couple of hours. Orchard road, Haagen Dazs, in2 a the big Japanese department store 4 some air-conditioning, a papaya juice across the street from Tang’s + back 2 the Westin.


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