Waiheke – Stony Ridge

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the dryer in the Guest laundry room in this hotel truly sux. Super lame. Washing + drying took from 10pm until 1am! I remembered that I can send faxes via CompuServe + was able 2 send off our letter 2 Ged. Probably because of a different phone frequency here in Nu Z.land we were not able 2 send it directly. But even the price is right: $1.50 for 2 pages. That’s less than the long distance charges would have been. Because it was so much fun I also send a letter 2 E. in Toronto. Now it’s already after 2am again.

Tuesday, 3/1: Went w Jon + Michael Glading, Michael Bradshaw + Phil in a helicoptor 2 a winery on an island called Waiheke. The winery is called Stony Ridge + their red wine was very very tasty. We had a tour of the vineyard, had a wonderful lunch, I played a couple of tunes, + we flew back 2 make our sound check. The prez of Sony NZ asked the pilot 2 do some tricks + we almost lost our lunch…


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