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Got home (home is where somebody booked a hotel room) around 5am this morning. Mercifully the luggage didn’t have 2 B in the lobby until 11am + we didn’t leave 4 the airport until 12:30pm. Went 2 the Cafe Paradiso again after the show w the band (except 4 Bill) + Tony + Phil. After most left 4 the hotel Mark, Tony, Phil + I remained. Even after the bar closed they let us stay. Then the male bartender went in2 the Ladies room followed by our friendly waitress who was already unzipping her dress while she was going in. When I looked again the bartender was dancing on top of the bar 2 Neil Diamond’s gr8est hits in her dress w a couple of oranges 4 tits.
B4 I 4get: our show that night was a sell out @ 1,800. Good music + good audience. Standing ovation. Petra from Cry TV apparently showed up w a camera crew, not having asked our permission B4hand, + was consequently thrown out by security.


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