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I am in Auckland, Nu No problems @ customs last night. Had a bus driving 2 the James Cook hotel. Passed a whole bunch – @ least 20 – teenagers, college kids in the street in sheets + drunk. Toga party. Calvin wanted 2 get out + join them immediately. We arrived around 2am + went straight 2 the hotel bar. Ordered Steinlager Green which came recommended by our friend Lewis, whose C.Serve messages have been a delight on this tour. So, Jon took over the lounge piano (covered w a piece of glass which didn’t exactly improve the sound!) + Mark started singing. On the wall was a framed board w the signatures of famous people that had stayed @ the hotel. Mark would pick a name + sing their song: Kenny Rogers, Glen Campbell, The Supremes etc. Jon would pick his way through the songs + did very well playing piano – 4 a bass-player. Indeed. We had a good time + went 2 bed around 4am. Tried 2 get up @ 9am but couldn’t, tried again @ 10 but couldn’t. Got up @ 11 + went in search of coffee. The bicycle messengers R very clean here – everything is very clean here – all wearing their official company T-shirt + clean dark bicycle shorts. None of the independent look that we had in Boston. The ex-convicts, the crazy, the smelly, the dirty, the weird haircuts etc. (I had blond, red + even green hair when I was a messenger). Al2gether very much like Switzerland here.

2day we received our 1st Platinum sales award 4 Nouveau Flamenco from the local importer/distributor. That brings the total 2 this: Gold in US on the way 2 Platinum (presently @ 850,000), Gold in Australia (over 40,000) + Platinum in Nu (over 15,000). In Auckland we will also receive the 1st Gold 4 The Hours……… (sales over 7,500) from Sony Nu! Nouveau should go Gold in Mexico this year, Borrasca should go Gold in the U.S. as well.


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