I made some desktops/wallpapers for my laptop (1440 x 900 pixels) and phone (480 x 320 pixels) based on the two images from yesterday’s post. The fit MacBooks and iPhone, but should also work with other computers and phones that have a similar aspect ratio. You can download them here:

Desktop #1
Desktop #2


Nike’s Yoghurt Vs Coffee video (((and the long version on YouTube)))

自 = self
転 = moving/turning
車 = vehicle

Ochazuke’s calligraphy on Flickr: bicycle #1 and bicycle #3

You can download a few computer desktops/wallpapers containing the characters for “Bicycle” on Flickr. I kept the wallpaper dark in order not to be too distracting. A gift from Ochazuke and me.
Click on above image and see three similar wallpapers. And here is the direct link to this full-size image. I am using this one.

The wallpapers will only be available for downloading until Monday Morning.

The Wallpaper/Desktop is no longer available.