Wednesday in Seattle

Took a cab out to radio station KWJZ in Bellevue for an interview with Jay Phillips. Enjoyed chatting with Jay, and it was nice to see the “The Hours between Night + Day” poster in the station – one of my favorite albums.

After the first show at the Triple Door, Robby (who played a lot of percussion on “The Scent of Light” an was in Luna Negra in 2004) and his brother Char came backstage to say hello. They are in town to play at the Musiquarium tomorrow night.
Upstairs and Aquarium
Check out the announcement here. If you are going out Thursday evening I would encourage you to check them out as both are very fine musicians and great people. This week Seattle is getting a double-dose of Santa Fe music!

Last Night

Chair + Guitar
Flamenco Blanca (Blanca/white means that the back and sides were made from Cypress, while Negra/black means that the sides and back were made from Rosewood) with ebony pegs by Lester DeVoe. This is also the guitar on the cover of The Scent of Light. While Lester usually puts a one-piece tap plate (golpeador) on his guitars, I always request two pieces, leaving the area underneath the strings unprotected. I think it allows the top to flex better and sounds more “open”.
Stage, The Triple Door