Self Moving Vehicle

From Neo Bohemia:

neo bohemia – bicycle

Two bicycle sticker designs that I have been working on. Clear stickers with the kanji in either black or white with my red stamp. Thought that they should be presented today.

And here is what the sticker looks like on a biycle:


Nike’s Yoghurt Vs Coffee video (((and the long version on YouTube)))

自 = self
転 = moving/turning
車 = vehicle

Ochazuke’s calligraphy on Flickr: bicycle #1 and bicycle #3

You can download a few computer desktops/wallpapers containing the characters for “Bicycle” on Flickr. I kept the wallpaper dark in order not to be too distracting. A gift from Ochazuke and me.
Click on above image and see three similar wallpapers. And here is the direct link to this full-size image. I am using this one.

The wallpapers will only be available for downloading until Monday Morning.

The Wallpaper/Desktop is no longer available.