DUNE available for purchase

Well, DUNE CDs arrived in Santa Fe last week Thursday. The package looks great and I am very happy with it. Now, we could wait until the official release date, two weeks from now… or we could start selling the album today…

DUNE is now available as downloads (up to 320kbps) and in CD form, but only from us.
You can purchase downloads in our ListeningLounge.
You can purchase the CD in our online store.

All other download outlets, iTunes, Amazon and so on, should have the album on April 24th. The CD will be in stores in May.

We will have CDs available on tour this month.

Official Release (NOT)

Today (((I guess I missed the memo – the official official release date for the CD in stores – other than ours – is next Tuesday, June 24th… there, you should not trust anything you read in these pages…))) is the official release date for “The Scent of Light”. Amazon.com must have sold out quickly this morning as they are showing a Temporarily out of stock sign (((well, duh, the release is next week…))).

Of course you can also buy the download from our ListeningLounge and the CD from our online store. (((at least that much is true… until next Tuesday our web store will be the only place you can order/buy/download/obtain a copy of my best album)))